Monday, March 24, 2014

The Two of Wands: a Most Momentous Card

The Wanda are my favorite suit, the suit I feel closest to, the suit that I started learning with and the suit that I feel like I know the best. Which doesn't mean that anyone else should necessarily agree with the interpretations that I arrived at. The two of wands was kind of a puzzling card to me at first: I read a lot of different texts, studied a lot of different decks, and all at once the lightbulb went on over my head -- for ME, the two of wands dramatizes The Moment of Choice, The Moment of Decision: that exact moment in time when a decision can be made, ought to be made, or must be made. As such this is kind of a wonderful card as it can be positive or negative, informing or warning. This is the card that says, "The Time is NOW. This is where the Future meets the Present. This is where you must begin to take charge, where things will begin to happen for good or ill based on the choices that YOU make."

My design is both radically different from RWS, but also slavishly connected to it. At least I think so. 

The Minor Arcana are becoming even more personal and intimate to me than the Majors did. To discover yourself, design a Tarot deck.

As always, if you like these designs, PLEASE share, Share as far and wide as you possibly can. My time is running out. Things need to start to happen. Only you can make it happen. Many thanks for all your kind words and support.

-- Freder