Monday, March 31, 2014

She Strikes Like a Thunderball

The seven of Wands typically shows a young man on a cliff-top being assailed from below by six staves wielded by unseen hands. Here, the figure is female and has been moved to the high wire, while the other wands are all around her, holding up the tent under which she is performing. That she is working without a net goes without saying. Still she is determined and unfazed by the drop. She has done this before. Valor, bravery, and as my friend Carrie Paris pointed out, bad-assery are what this card is all about. When you draw this card you face some pretty High Odds and a pretty steep drop... still, you will move from strength to strength with confidence. 

It's not the flashiest or most elegant design I've done for the deck, but it serves the purpose. 

Heads up! There's a whole flock of Royal Family types up ahead in the future of this deck!

-- Freder.