"This is an incredible, amazing deck. The artwork is impeccable, the colors beautiful, the images complex, compelling, amusing. I also bought the book so I'd have the full meaning intended for each admittedly unusual image. I couldn't be happier with this deck and book combo, my favorite in a growing collection. Really unique, and very attractive. Sturdy and well made as well. If you love all things circus, by all means, get this deck!" -- Laurie S., Etsy review.

Barbara Moore, she of The Steampunk Tarot and Shadowscapes Tarot and about a bazillion others, featured the Zirkus Mägi in her presentation at NW Tarot Symposium! Photo by Mellissae Lucia.

“The deck is much and much more beautiful than I had ever imagined from watching the pictures on the screen. The colours are very rich, yet aged at the same time. The card stock is great, very sturdy and glossy but not laminated like the plastic cards I sometimes get from USgames. All images are stunning. Going to be playing with these for a long while to come. I realize that what is a moment of completion for you, is only the beginning of the journey for us readers. I am extremely grateful for this unique deck and don't regret for a second having backed the Kickstarter. Let the show begin! … Oh and I need to add that I'm also quite charmed by the Golliwogg Oracle! That is one beautiful little treasure in its own right! Love it!” — Mira B. via Facebook

Photo by Marcus K. (click to enlarge)
"Un mazo de tarot espectacular de gran calidad tanto en el diseño como en los materiales." --Julio C. Etsy review.

Video Review of the deck by Rach Jardine, the UK's own Tarot Ninja:

Note that the actual deck does not have gold edges... this was done by
a customer for his own personal use!
Photo by Katrina W. (click to enlarge)
Photo by Fluxus R. (click to enlarge)
Photo by Mellissae Lucia.

"This is a beautiful working deck. I'm totally in love with the vintage images and the cards carry a very accurate meaning, true to the Rider-Waite interpretations. The cards are strong and hefty, and I love the size, slightly larger than standard cards. This will be a cherished favorite for years to come." -- Layer Cake Arts, Etsy Review.

"I have a very enthusiastic admiration for this deck. In my embarrassingly huge (over 400 decks) collection, this is in my top 5. I love the artwork, I love the symbolism (clever yet sophisticated) which is worked into the art. The cards feel good: substantial and pleasant, not clumsy or flimsy. I hope you can read between the lines here. You have to experience them for yourself. You will find them not only beautiful and readable, but also sublime, imbued with subtle but strong wisdom as a tarot deck should be." -- Corrinne R., Etsy review.

“OMG...the deck is here...and it actually made me cry ... it is THE BEST ... and I could relate to every single image, as both a tarot meaning and a deeper circus-y connection. Thank you for creating this amazing treasure!” -- Robyn, via Facebook.

"This is such an amazing deck. I really love it and have been using it on a daily basis. So happy with this purchase!" -- Susan B., Etsy Review

“I received mine over a week ago and am enjoying getting to know it! The theme is so well done and seamless throughout the entire deck. Normally I am not a fan of renamed titles, but this deck has some of the best renamed titles I have ever seen. … I have been doing many lighthearted readings with it, nothing too serious, and the images just speak so clearly and well, it's a lot of fun just getting to notice all of the little details in each of the cards. … You did an amazing job creating this rich, sort of somber, sometimes slightly menacing world. This is a fantastic deck!!! This would be a perfect deck for Halloween readings while unlike many others that are specifically themed for Halloween, you can still use it all through the year without it seeming ‘out of place.’” — Prudence, via Aeclectic Tarot Forums.

“It's an amazing deck... clever — funny at times — and just abundantly spot-on in it's imagery — conveying the power of the Tarot as profoundly and vividly as any deck I have owned or looked at. … The quality of the art and thoughtfulness of the imagery shows how much care, craft and work you put into the deck.” — Steven S.

"It's a great working tarot card deck.” -- Ben C., — Etsy review

“I was part of your Kickstarter campaign. I just wanted to let you know how much I love this deck. It's amazing and mysterious and brilliant.” — Sue C.

“Gorgeous deck, thoughtfully assigned … Can't wait to warm it up with some readings.” — Clare T.