Another Side of The Zirkus.

Whether used separately or together with the original Zirkus Tarot deck,
this colorful take on the Lenormand System is certain to illuminate your readings.

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"Doug is back and has followed up the Zirkus Tarot with his new Lenormand deck. After spending time familiarizing myself with his unique style, the cards are easily adapted for reading by anyone who already knows the oracle. They stand out in the vanguard quite distinctly from other Lenormands, and are a pleasure to read, handle, and share." -- Corrine R., Etsy review.

Don't forget your matching Lenormand Oracle Bag!

"Just a quick note to say how much I like this Lenormand deck! The art is superb, intriguing, enticing, provocative and, above all, beautiful. The printing quality, impeccable. My sincere thaks to its creator!" alexandremoreira60 , Etsy review, 5 stars
The Zirkus Mägi (as seen in the novel See Them Dance), Zirkus Lenormand
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