Sunday, February 23, 2014

There's One Knight Missing

And here we see the Knight of Pentacles, or Coins, or Disks, or in the case of a circus tarot -- the Rings. This is the suit of Earth, and of Earthly Concerns. A circus ring sits on the ground and allows the audience to focus on specific events before them, containing the great Acts of the Circus. The Knights, or in this case the Riders, are in many ways the Star Performers. Knights represent the element of Fire, so this Knight is the Fire in the Earth. Forward to Battle and Glory!

She sits posed against a very very Grant Wood-esque landscape of rolling hills where a tatty little dog-and-pony show has raised its tents. Alchemical symbols spin in the air behind her. Her giant horse is easily the heftiest and most solid horse of all the Riders. You can count on this lady to give a strong and solid performance at every show.

By my calculations, I've completed a whole suit of the Minor Arcana. No, not a whole suit, because I've been jumping around as inspiration hits, but in terms of numbers, I've done that many, a good solid 1/4 of the Minor Arcana. That still leaves the lion's share ahead of me... bur it's a danged good start, and I've yet to hit the wall in terms of having No Idea what to do with a card design -- although I look at some of the cards ahead of me and can see that time coming right up, fast as a horse rider!

-- Freder