Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ace in the Hole

And now, with all four aces complete, it starts to feel like real progress is being made on this project: although so much still lies ahead. This spring it will be a year since I started this project -- and it won't be done by then. A tarot deck, if you're doing it right, is not a Quick Job.

Those among you who have seen the Disney movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken know that this was a real, genuine act, not uncommon in the 'thirties, the Horse Diving act. Who ever dreamed up such a daring act? Who could have conceived it? A few minutes of build-up and drama requiring genuine courage, followed by a flashing dive, all over in a second. For some reason, the riders were always women; which makes the act appropriate for the most feminine card in the deck. The act is so spectacular that it needed to be an ace: and the necessary tank of water made it an obvious choice for the suit of cups.

This one looked a bit different when I first made it several weeks ago. In the RWS tradition, there were 5 jets of water shooshing up from around the edge of the tank. I liked it with; I like it without, too.

-- Freder.