Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Page of Swords -- is here to Remind You that the Deck is now being Funded!

... as if I was going to let you forget:

Junior here finally completes all the Pages, and thus the entire Royal Family of the deck. He heralds the arrival of sharp new ideas... but designing this card was by no means "on point." The first version was, well... you know, potentially harmless. But it just didn't hang together well... didn't Make a Statement the way every card in a tarot deck should do.

The second version was completely different, and oh my doodness, I don't even want to think about it.  You don't even want to know. I might as well have used "NOT!!!" as the bottom caption.

Finally, in a kind of creative fury, I tore it all apart, found some completely different base images, threw them all together, said to myself, "THERE! Take THAT, y'little bastard!" And you know what? Even though he strays far away from the conceit behind my other pages (as all being billposters for the circus), I think he looks... he looks "right." Maybe it proves that a little piss and vinegar can be good for the design process. I don't know.

Newsy Notes: At the end of the first full day of funding, 11 percent of the total budget had been raised. As I write this, we're up to thirteen percent, and headed higher. This is ENTIRELY due to the efforts of some wonderful people who have shared and re-shared the link, and who have had some incredibly nice things to say about the deck. Thank you all -- I call this a damn good start!

43 days remaining... so, for the first time it's starting to look do-able to me. Thank you all!!!

-- Freder.