Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Fire Queen

Barring only three out of four Pages, this Duchess of the fiery suit of wands completes my Royal Family of circus Court cards. Christine Payne-Towler describes this queen as a "natural manager," and while she certainly doesn't look to be the executive type, something tells me that my Queen of Wands gets her way every time. This deceptively simple card went through two versions before I was satisfied with it; Fire, Energy, Creativity and Passion are the aspects of this suit, and the first version was too coy, too busy, and too literal a reimagining of RWS to be successful. Now -- look out, world! This Queen knows what she is up to, whether as Fiery Muse urging you on to ever greater heights (which is what makes the trapeze her perfect throne) or as a Peaceful Warrior who conquers with passion, yes, but kindness also. She will lead you to the greatest heights -- or, in her negative aspect, she will blast you and burn you and leave you a hollowed-out husk of your former self, and then laugh at you as you crumble into ash. She is the Duchess to be most sought after, and most dreaded. 

In almost all decks, the Ace of this suit is extremely Freudian in its symbolism and meaning... my Duchess of Batons unabashedly takes that symbolism to almost pornographic levels. But hey, this is The Great Circus of Life, and in the circus there is not much room for subtlety.

-- Freder.