Sunday, March 2, 2014

Have No Fear -- The Nine of Wands is Here!

This dashing young Aerialist is preparing to go out in front of the audience... possibly for the first time. Danger and possibly disaster await him: but he is resolute and determined. He has been injured before, and knows that more injury likely awaits him at some future date; but the show must go on. The show WILL go on. He is determined to fly once again.

As I type this, I realize that he needs a head bandage in the manner of the RWS version of this card. A sprig or two of Growing things from at least one of the posts is also in order. Sometimes, OK, lots of the time, you don't notice that small but important details are missing until you're actually hanging the picture, so to speak. I'll fix those details before the deck is published... you'll just have to imagine them for now. 

There are actually nine posts visible in the card: can you see them all?

-- Freder

UPDATE! "This Time For Sure!"