Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Production Trial and Error...

Printed sample cards for the majors-only deck have arrived from the printers. You can't see it in the picture due in part to the bright sunlight, but the image is just a hair too dark (not a big deal and something I can fix, forewarned being forearmed), although the actual print quality is excellent. The trim is also very good, especially considering how little leeway the design allows them. 

But the card stock they used is MUCH too thin, not even the weight of a normal playing card. THAT is a big deal. Also I'm not a fan of the UV coating that they used. It's just too glossy, makes the cards look more like photographic prints than a working card deck.

So -- I'm going to have to get another estimate from the printer before I can get any closer to producing the deck. Oh, well... it was a step that had to be taken, which makes me one step closer to realizing this dream...

Coming up this weekend: The WORLD. And that will leave just three cards left to design in the Majors.

Thanks to all for your support and comments, and for looking at my deck! As always, I can be reached at duckmeister[at]ducksoup[dot]me.

-- Freder