Thursday, June 19, 2014

THE FINAL CARD: The Wheel Goes Endlessly 'Round

In the Seven of Rings, the carousel spins continuously, in all conditions, day and night, Going Around and Coming Around, bringing you a bounty that reflects the effort that you have put in.

I saved this one for last, not only because it's one of my favorites, based on a photo that I have enjoyed for many years, but because I hope it bodes well for the deck. With this last card, it seems to me now that I have put the wheels in motion. There's still much in the way of maintenance and cultivation to perform, but the thing has now taken on a new life of its own; it's begun to spin, so to speak, it's begun to grow... and with any luck there will be a harvest in the form of a finished deck that I made.

I hope you've enjoyed these "reveals" as much as I've enjoyed designing the cards. It's not the end, completely, there are still some odds and ends that need posting here, but now having come this far I turn you over to the people at Kickstarter, where we can hopefully make this thing happen. I want to thank everyone for their kindness and enthusiasm, which I must say has been a real light for me through some dark times. Thank you all. And now, onward into the future, with the world spinning beneath us and the skies rolling by.

-- Freder.