Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boxing Day

This was already revealed in an Update to the Kickstarter project, but I realize that not everyone (perhaps even not many) sees those little numbers in the Update Tab at the top of any Kickstarter Project Page. So here it is: the "finished" design for the tuck-box "home" of the Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi!

You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Quotations appear around the word "finished" only because I am always hedging my bets, and who knows but that I'll get it into my head to tweak this thing before the time comes to print it?

The front page of the deck's Little White Book has already been revealed over there, but I'll be posting that image over here in the next few days as well. And, later today, I expect to reveal a page or two from the interior of that LWB over there at Kickstarter. Yup, it'll be in the updates tab. I had quite a lot of fun making the LWB, and am dying to share it!

Thanks to all of you, the Kickstarter project is 49% funded with 27 days left to go. If you don't understand how Kickstarter works, of even if you're just a little bit afraid of it, the project is simply my way of taking pre-orders for the deck in a way that's above-board and safe for everyone. 

It's not, at least as I'm using it, an "investment" thing. You are ordering a product and getting what you order. I hope to take enough pre-orders to pay for the deck's production, but if for whatever reason the goal isn't met, then nobody will be charged and nobody will be out anything... but neither will the deck be published. If you would consider buying the deck once it is printed, please consider pre-ordering it now so that I can make it happen.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Without your interest and support, this project would never have been completed in the first place, and wouldn't be this close to realization. I've been blown away by all the nice things people have said and the kindness they have shown personally to me. That alone has made this project one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Thank you!

-- Freder.