Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is the Circus coming to YOUR town?

Upon arriving in a new town, the Circus first set up its tent and prepared itself for the public -- and immediately after, they marshaled their forces for a Grand Parade down the town's Main Street, just to show everyone that The Circus Had Arrived.

If you want the circus to come to YOUR town in the form of this deck, you'd best hie yourself over to Kickstarter via the link above. If the project isn't funded, the deck won't be published...

This is the penultimate card. Only one more reveal remains. I'm a little bit sad about that.

It was a complicated card to make, using five separate elements and trying to blend them into what I;d hoped would be a seamless whole. I can see the seams, though. Still, I'm happy with how it turned out.

This is a card of Enterprise. All of your investments, strategies and entrepreneurial hopes have begun to pay off, and your ship is on its way in to port. At least, that's the classical image. For the purposes of this deck, the Arrival Parade was the only metaphor that worked for me.

NEXT UP: The final card, the (almost) final reveal: One of my fave finished designs, The Seven of Pentacles.

-- Freder.