Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"West and Wewaxation at Wast!"

... as Elmer Fudd once memorably said. 

The four of swords traditionally shows the inside of a knight's tomb, but it's not about death. Rather, the card is telling you that it's time to rest, recuperate and regenerate after many days of Fighting the Good Fight.

Showmens Rest is a real place, an actual cemetery where Circus Folk are buried to this day. The card design shows four of the most memorable tombstones from that place -- along with a box containing a peacefully resting Contortionist. Yes, folks, that really is a whole person crammed into that little box. Well. except for the legs, but I venture to say they could have gotten their legs in as well. 

-- Lie back and catch yourself a break. You've earned it!

-- Freder.