Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles typically shows a craftsman hard at work, indicating that it's time to acquire a new skill set, or make use of one that you already have. In my version, we see the talented men who created the beautifully hand-carved and painted animals who used to adorn the classic carousels. 

What a great job to have! Not just working with wood all day, but bringing out the inner animal in the spirit of the wood. Carousel animals used to be more than just horses: here we see lions, pigs and swans, but there were also giant roosters and storks and frogs and all sorts of other animals. If you can find a vintage carousel somewhere near where you live, you should by all means ride it. 

The finished circus carousel will re-appear soon, on the seven of pentacles. So, following the progression, you will see the finished product on the seven, and how it was n was created here on the eight.

The Kickstarter project to fund publication of the majors has been approved and will be launched next week. Tell all your tarot friends! We have to raise a lot more money this time around to make the full deck happen.

Many thanks for all the kind words and support I've received on this project, especially in the last few days!


-- Freder.