Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Changes

I seem to have got the Revision Bug -- which, if you knew me, you would find Really Strange. I am not the sort of person to do one bit of unnecessary labour.  When I was at Colby College I worked for a Harridan who could not let ANY design -- whether a display, a poster, an ad or the store newsletter -- go without insisting on at least five or six revisions. This drove me nearly mad, and made me feel like I could not do anything right. The thing is, it was never really about the design: after all, she had the design sense of a tapeworm. It was really all about her flexing her muscles and exercising her Power of Control over Every Little Thing. As far as I know, she is still there, and really I am surprised that no one has dropped a house on her yet.

So, you won't find me making changes just for the sake of making changes. If I revise something, it's because the original ended up feeling like less than what I could do, or less than what needed being done.

Here we hava a new version of The Aeon. It's been brightened considerably over the original: really, on the internet it looks TOO bright. But it will print darker than it looks, and hopefully this means it will fall  somewhere in the middlle range where I wanted it in the first place. The original version printed too dark. 

But the main change is in the new figures at the bottom. In processing the original figures, I went too heavy-handed, and to my eye they lacked any kind of satisfactory detail: the little boy's face especially came out looking like an undefined blob. At the same time, I found a wonderful vintage ventriloquist picture that I could not find a home for anywhere else in the deck: but, with the addition of a dummy hand lifted the the doll's lips, it works just fine and dandy here. 

The original version is posted elsewhere on the site, and if you like it, you'd best score a copy of the majors deck before they are all gone, because this will be THE AEON going forward.

Fourteen cards away from finishing this project -- and I have nailed down keywords for every card, as well as concept ideas for most all of them. This circus train is rolling right along.

-- Freder