Sunday, April 6, 2014

Circus Royalty: The Queen of Pentacles

The Pentacles are the Earthy suit and now that I think about it I suppose that I could have taken that a couple of different ways. But the fact is that there was never any other choice for my Duchess of the Rings than this little lady. She is connected to the earth by her unicycle, which she controls as well as you and I control things that are attached to us. Most Queens of this suit are depicted as flat-out Earth Mother types, but among my readings about this card, the word "impetus" stood out, and this is a Queen who embodies that spirit. If I do say so myself, I'm kind of pleased with how all of the royalty have turned out so far, and I have a couple more to unveil for you over the next few days. Stay tuned! And share!

By my count I have completed 28 cards of the Minor Arcana. That puts me exactly halfway through the task. Soon I will go over the hump: but with some of the toughest cards ahead of me, it's still actually all uphill from here. I will need this Duchess in my pocket as I move ahead.

-- Freder.