Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First of the Pages...

In the heyday of the great American circuses, the Billposters were absolutely the Pages of the operation, traveling ahead of the company and plastering the towns with Paper -- posters ranging from handbill size all the way up to posters the size of a barn. As such, the billposters were not always welcome messengers, and when you see old pictures of fences and buildings with signs on them reading "POST NO BILLS" -- this is what those signs aimed to prevent. A good billposter or crew of billers could plaster a town from top to bottom in the twinkling of an eye. 

The Pages are here to let us know that Something's Coming. In the case of the wands, that something usually has to do with the fire of creation and the blossoming of life power.

When the Circus of Wands is coming to town, you know that it's going to be spectacular: but beware, Creative Fire can often burn everything in its path to a cinder before new and wondrous life begins to Spring Forth. 

In this case -- I'm posting my Page of Wands as a sign that Spring is Coming. Yes, god damn it, it's coming at last. Maybe taking its own sweet time... but it will get here someday!

-- Freder