Sunday, November 24, 2013

Majors Deck Funded!

Thank you to everyone who helped put this over the top. The deck is now fully funded and is going to come to life!
There are still 14 days left to go in the campaign, and something around 200 decks remaining in the print run; plenty for anyone arriving late to the show! 
Instead of waiting for the campaign to wrap, I'll contact the printers tomorrow, tell them it's happening and try to get this circus on the road to completion. They have not yet given me an estimate on how long the job will take; I'm guessing and hoping that the deck will be ready to go by mid-December. As soon as I get more specific news from them, I'll post it here.
I'm still kind of in a state of disbelief ... thank you all so much for the nice things you've said and for helping to make this happen. Forward to the Minors! 
I'm particularly surprised and honored that so many of you expressed an interest in the book as well. That, too should be ready to go by mid-December; hopefully no later. I'll keep you posted!
Best wishes to you all;