Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Hermit

I have to confess that I'm kind of pleased with myself about this one. How do you illustrate isolation in a Circus milieu? The minute I saw the image of the stilt-walker I knew: my Hermit is definitely "above it all!" A few judicious changes needed to made, but once I knew what I wanted and needed to do, all of the elements came nicely and quickly into place. I even like my choice of nomenclature as a more grandiloquent (and therefore circusy) way of saying the same thing. With some processing, I found just the right bleak corner of a folk art painting for the background. The original Hermit card by Pamela Coleman Smith is one of the simplest and starkest of her designs. Although "stark" is not exactly the word that I'd use to describe this deck I'm working on, I do think I managed to capture the flavour.

NEXT UP: At long last, THE EMPRESS.

-- Freder