Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Wheel of Fate is Turning....

The final card revision. Click to enlarge. Can you spot all the differences?
ITEM! All of the final files are completed and ready to go to the printer.

ITEM! Late last night I successfully initiated the transfer of funds from Kickstarter/Amazon to my bank. I'll swing by the bank on Monday to make sure the transfer has gone through. If it has, I'm frankly going to sit on that deposit for a few days and just let it "take."

ITEM! The rep that I'm dealing with at J.S. McCarthy printers returns from his vacation on Monday. I'll contact him then, let him know what's going on, try to set up a time frame for it all to happen... and I also want to send them the box design so that they can look it over to see if I've met all the specs. 

ITEM! This thing could go to press as soon as the end of next week, and I suspect that it will go to press no later than the following Monday, They will do an initial press proof, which I'm sure will take a few days. If there are no changes to be made, I'll OK it and they can go ahead with the production.

ITEM! All this makes me believe that we are on track for the deck to be completed and ready to ship ... possibly as early as the end of this month, but I would think conservatively that it can't possibly be any later than mid-September.

ITEM! I'm starting to get excited about the idea of holding one of these babies in my hand and casting my first reading with it!

Thanks, everyone! 

-- Freder

Monday, August 4, 2014

Revisionist History

Recent health issues have made it impossible to write (you can't write without thinking, and you can't think when you're in extreme pain), and so work on the new book has slowed to a standstill. On the other hand, I don't have to think (at least with my front brain) to do design work... and so over the past few days I've been devoting myself to making the final files for the deck ready so that they can go to the printer -- hopefully next week. I'm nearly done with the minors.

Along the way, I've made some revisions to a few of the designs, as I've said I would all along. Here are some of the major changes for you to see. The new, or newest, version is always on the RIGHT. You can click on any of the images to enlarge. These have already been posted on Facebook, but in case you missed them there -- Enjoy!!